World Sovereign Media Platform RA Video

Welcome to the new bright space, welcome to RA VIDEO! It's time for the world to know the whole truth! The dawn is coming!!!

Your Homeland Is The USSR, Great And Immense, Russia is the Mother Earth, which our ancestors defended in endless battles. 

Where the destinies of people born here magically intertwine together. A great power that has united a variety of customs and traditions into a single multinational people. This diversity is our wealth. And no matter how the enemies tried to weaken our faith, no matter how they tried to pervert our culture, we will always win.

Because Russia is the light itself and you can’t get away from the white light and you can’t hide. After all, only pressed against the wall, we find a fulcrum. The law of the Russian spring. Did you think that the Soviet Union no longer exists? You were wrong, it was only temporarily covered with age-old dust, so that today it would shake itself off and fly up, and turn into a planetary USSR.

The M1 Sovereign International Treasury, together with the bright brothers, continues to surprise us with good news! People all over the earth are waking up, but the fight against demons is not over. It is difficult to conduct an informational confrontation with the Dark Nobility, the Cabal, the Jesuits and other enemies of humanity when the media, the main information and video platforms still belong to crafty and deceitful parasites! All the righteous of the world, analysts, bloggers, scientists have long needed an independent platform on which to post video content exposing the lies of destructive sects and their servants, needed a platform of light, truth and truth!

Filled with God’s mercy, the united forces of Light solved this problem by creating the First Sovereign Media Video Platform RA VIDEO. All channels will be selected for compliance with the Program dawn M1 and Kona of Creation. Every listener should understand that this platform is for people to share the truth without censorship, and all lies, LGBT propaganda and pornography will be suppressed and blocked.

We express our gratitude to the creators: The Order of St. John of Jerusalem, Rhodes, Malta. To the Supreme Sovereign Order of the Hospitallers, the Sovereign International Consumer Cooperative Bright Great Russia, the Sovereign International Cooperative Rod and the Great Sovereign Country of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics and We are pleased to announce that registration for the platform is open!

Welcome to the new bright space, welcome to RA VIDEO! It’s time for the world to know the whole truth! The dawn is coming!!!